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Troubleshooting Your Yale Smart Alarm

How to solve common problems with your Yale alarm

Yale produces some of the most popular domestic intruder wireless alarm systems on the market. They are designed to allow a competent DIYer to fit their own system with a high level of confidence, that it will perform well if the house is broken into.

However, like most devices, they occasionally need checking over to ensure continued reliability. And, like most alarm systems, Yale wireless alarms can warn you if there are any issues requiring your attention, but sometimes it's difficult to get to the bottom of what the problem is and how to solve it.

Some of the most common issues with your Yale wireless alarm:

Yale Alarm Servicing

Most of the issues above can be easily ruled out by having your Yale alarm serviced by one of our experienced engineers - many of these demonstrate low battery levels, which would indicate there will be more in the system that need might need changing. 

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