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Yale’s award-winning Sync wireless smartphone alarm is your guaranteed peace-of-mind home security system. This wonderful smart tech kit puts you in complete control of your home security, when everyone's out during the day and when you’re at home in bed at night. 

Arm and disarm the system using your phone, from wherever you are, or by using a keypad at your home. And when you're out, instant notifications from your Sync Alarm Hub will tell you if there’s been an intrusion. Once it's installed, the system belongs to you, and, because it’s wireless, you can take it with you when you move out of the property.

Your system is automatically updated when there are new features added, and the free, easy-to-use app gives you total control over who uses the system and how it's set up. The Sync alarm has advanced anti-jamming software on board, and each sensor can be positioned up to 200m from the central control hub, meaning the protection of sheds, garages, garden offices and summer houses can easily be accommodated. The option to fit pet-friendly sensors means your furry friends never accidently set off your alarm, and there are piercing internal and external sirens which will distract and deter any intruder, and alert neighbours living nearby.
Each system can be tailored to suit your home by your installer, who will be carrying the full range of Sync alarm accessories, and will give you impartial advice on how best to deploy sensors to maximise efficient protection.
And when it’s fitted, you’ll get a full run-down of features and set-up options, so you’ll be left with a new alarm system you’ll have complete confidence in from day one.

You then need to ensure you factor in keeping your Yale alarm system in good working order by servicing your alarm - contact our engineers who can organise this for you.

The Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm

Putting you firmly in control, the Yale Sync Alarm allows you to check in from anywhere in the world and ensures you'll receive alerts and notifications to your smart phone to ensure your home is secure and protected.

The geolocation feature reminds you to set the alarm when you're leaving home and working with the Philips Hue, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allows you to combine with lighting, sound and voice to create the ultimate security deterrent.

Adding extra contacts, sensors, PIRs, smoke alarms, smart plugs, water leak sensors and pet friendly sensors means a fully expandable system with up to 40 devices.

Yale Grey Siren on Wall.jpg

For those wanting something a little less obtrusive we can now offer the Yale Grey siren box as part of the Sync alarm system - speak to us about how you can order this

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