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Image showing the Yale CCTV camera situated on the side of a house


Home CCTV technology has come a long way in the last decade, both in looks and specification. External cameras are a very common sight now and everyone knows that these devices act as a considerable deterrent to any would-be intruder. With sharp HD images and a comprehensive set of search tools, any events you need to replay will be readily available to you.

Your installer will have fitted hundreds of Yale CCTV systems, and because of this, there is no better option for you if you want Yale cameras fitted. And, as with all YCPro installations, you’ll get a comprehensive operational run down and an explanation of all the major features.

And of course if you want the CCTV images to be displayed on your mobile phone, we can easily set that up for you too.

Image showing a Yale Smart Motion 4 Camera CCTV Kit shown out of the box

Yale Smart Motion 4 Camera CCTV Kit

The Yale Smart Motion CCTV Kit gives you peace of mind that your home is securely protected, allowing you to check from anywhere via a smartphone, using the Yale View app.  The Smart Motion Detection feature focuses in on human shapes, whilst the Dual Tech technology corroborates movement to limit the number of false alarms and the bright white lights act as a deterrent to any potential intruders


  • Smart Motion Detection (SMD) focusses on real threats - recognising human & vehicle shapes on motion detection, rather than simply heat & motion – significantly reducing false alarms

  • Focused smart search enables users to search for specific human or vehicular data – reducing laborious search times

  • Now with an extended night vision of 30m the SMD CCTV Kit enables users to more readily identify intruders due to the night colour vision of 10m

  • Dual Detection Technology uses both PIR & Video Motion to work together to correctly identify movement of humans or vehicles to limit number of false alarms

  • Full channel AI coding focuses on specific human & vehicular data to save circa 50% on storage & bandwidth and maintain image quality

  • When the PIR detects movement, the Active Deterrent feature initiates - white warning lights can be set to flash or remain constant, when potential intruders are near

  • Image masking – eliminate areas that are not of interest, to focus on those that matter most for the security of home

  • Integrations with Google Assistant across all channels

  • Additional wired cameras be added as well as wi-fi cameras to complete your home security

  • This 8 channel XVR allows you to attach up to 8 wired cameras + 2 additional Wi-Fi cameras. Please note, if all 8 wired channels + 2 Wi-Fi channels are used, you will not be able to use the AI capabilities.

Image showing the Yale indoor smart camera on a table top

Yale’s internal wifi cameras provide you with an anytime, live, check-in view of your home as well as instant notifications if any unscheduled movement is detected. They are the perfect companions to the Yale Sync alarm, providing confirmation and potential identification of any intrusion. And if you have a Yale CCTV system installed, your wifi camera can be configured to occupy a channel and record 24 hours a day if you wish.

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